Two Sides and Print Power Autumn Seminar 2013

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The UK Two Sides / Print Power Autumn Seminar was held on Monday 4th November 2013, once again in the historic surroundings of Stationers Hall in London.

The seminar featured leading expert speakers who shared their impressive knowledge of our industry in today’s media world. Content marketing experts, brand marketers, print specialists and research professionals explored how print can still thrive in the modern media landscape.

Sustainability also remains a fundamental part in building consumer confidence in all our products and services. This year’s seminar took a practical look at how “green-thinking” is influencing brand marketing and we heard from leading worldwide experts who will share their thoughts on critical environmental issues.

Download Speaker Presentations:

Cynthia Vega, Nielsen
European and UK Advertising Overview

Cynthia's presentation gives an overview of the key findings on the global and European advertising trends from the Nielsen Global AdView Pulse report as well as a focus on the UK media market in terms of trends, opportunities for the for the print media and budget shifting dynamics
Catherine Toole, Sticky Content
Content confidential: What 400 content professionals suggest you should do with your web content in 2014

Is your digital content as good as your print output? Is it time to ensure your customers get an equally good experience online and offline?
Catherine Toole, Sticky Content ceo and Econsultancy’s content strategy trainer, offers a content to-do list for 2014, informed by her recent survey of digital content professionals.
Mark Lawn, Canon Europe
Seeing the Bigger Picture for Digital Print in a Multi-Media World

Mark’s presentation charts the continued growth and evolution of digital print with examples of key applications and technologies, demonstrating the critical role that print continues to play in the modern communications landscape. Evidence from the most recent Insight report ‘The Bigger Picture’ is used to present the print buyer’s perspective of new market developments and the opportunities these create for print service providers. Practical examples are provided to convey how Canon is helping digital print service providers to evidence the ROI and value of print they produce and the expertise and skills that they can offer to build more consultative, collaborative and ultimately more effective relationships.  
Gary Peeling, Precision Printing
Recognising and Embracing the Challenges for Print

Peeling is passionate about developing print media and his business, working and innovating to ensure the future of both by pioneering new techniques in digital print production, seamless print integration, automated workflow solutions, photo product production, litho, and digital print hubs and Web-to-print.
Patrick Fuller, Result
Quality Content is Key to Customer Engagement in a Multi Channel World Where Print is Still a Vital Communication Medium

Patrick uses his wealth of experience to look at the changing media landscape and look at the role print can play in a world of channel choice.
Kate Russell, Layar
Interactive Print: Grow, Engage and Innovate in the Publishing Industry

What is interactive print? How can you grow your business, engage with your readers and innovate in an industry that is ready for change and in search of new business models?
(Available on request) Professor Dr. Michael Braungart
Cradle to Cradle® As an Engine for Communication and Marketing

Professor Dr. Michael Braungart is  a truly remarkable character and has established through his books and many international speeches the now often used term cradle to cradle ®.  He proposes a world in which simple sustainability is not enough and that everything we do must improve and not deplete the environment. His books are widely read and he will inspire us to think differently about the world we inhabit and how we go about our daily lives.
Fiona Wheatley, M&S
Transparency in a cloudy world

In the light of the Bangladesh factory disaster and the horsemeat scandal, transparency is becoming a by-word for trust. But from forest to retail shelf lies a journey of enormous complexity. Get it wrong and the media and customers will punish you. Fiona shares some insights on how Marks and Spencer is responding to these challenges.
João Cordeiro, Poyry Management Consulting
The Digital Monkey Goes Back to the Woods - The Age of Confluence in the Forest Industry

João looks at changing claims on the world’s forests, why dedicated industrial tree plantations have a key role in providing protection to natural forests and how the new technologies of the digital age are going to affect the availability and cost of print’s raw material in the future.
Martyn Eustace, Director, Two Sides and Print Power
A quick resume of the days events and an update of the European Two Sides and Print Power initiatives.
(Available on request) Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Pulp and Paper Strategy Manager at WWF International since 2011
WWF's point of view on what challenges remain for print and paper to be truly sustainable in its production and use, and open questions for the digital world.