Two Sides and Print Power Autumn Seminar 2014


Monday 3rd November, saw the annual Print Power and Two Sides seminar in association with The Stationers' Livery Company.

120 guests heard from leading industry experts about innovation within print and how, as part of the media mix, print has a vital role to play with demonstrable return on investment. Furthermore in an increasingly busy digital world, that with print's tactile strengths and ability to physically communicate with the consumer, it still has a bright future.



Daniel Flynn- Client Service Director, Kantar Media
Leveraging Insight to Optimise Client Engagement
Peter Lancaster- CEO, Documobi
Making Print Digital in a Mobile World                                            
Darren Smith- Global Creative Director, The Economist
The Reader's Relationship With Print
Martin Glass- Director, EMGE
What is the Future for Paper and Print?
European Digital Media Landscape to 2020 (Executive Summary)
Dr Sally Uren- CEO, Forum For The Future
Making Print Digital in a Mobile World       
Patrick Collister- Head of Design, Google NACE
There Are Times and Places When Only Print Will Do.
Royal Mail MarketReach
It's All About Mail and Email : Working Together to Create Greater 1 to 1 Relationships With Your Customers
Nicole Yershon- Director of Innovation, Ogilvy Labs
Let us Inspire You! With Technology Come Change – Behavioural Change
Martyn Eustace- Director, Two Sides & Print Power
Two Sides and Print Power



We have a full version, with all the speakers and key parts of their speeches. There is also a short, three and a half minute version which is great for sharing! 

Full Version


Short Version

A huge Thank You to the BPIF for their hard work creating these videos.



The next Two Sides and Print Power Autumn Seminar will take place on
3rd November 2015.

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