Joining Two Sides and Print Power

Two Sides exists because people who are passionate about and dedicated to this industry have become increasingly dismayed that the good environment credentials of the graphic communication supply chain are not being properly explained and that a new generation is growing up believing the print and paper is a media which can be replaced by other forms of more sustainable and effective communication.

In joining Two Sides members can, in a practical and effective way, set out the facts about the industry and ensure that these are clearly communicated to those who use print and paper media not only for commercial purposes but also for learning.

Members can also demonstrate and promote their own commitment to sustainability by uploading their company profiles to the Two Sides site.

Membership fees are used to fund all Two Sides activity.

Membership provides access to all the materials of both the Two Sides and Print Power campaigns. It is open to businesses of all sizes keen to develop and communicate essential environmental skills and also understand how print can succeed in a multimedia world.

  • Two Sides is the well known campaign being run worldwide promoting the sustainability and attractiveness of print media.
  •  Print Power is a European campaign which focuses on telling the story of print media's continuing effectiveness in a multimedia world.

There are three member categories available for participation in the activities of Two Sides and Print Power:

Commercial Member

Any business that is actively involved for commercial reasons in the Graphic Communications Supply Chain; commits to the prevailing Two Sides Principles on environmental performance, undertakes the payment of the annual Two Sides subscription fee, and files a fully and accurately completed application form with the Two Sides Secretariat, is eligible to become a Two Sides Member.

Representative Body Member

Any Representative Body actively involved in the Graphic Communications Supply Chain that commits to the prevailing Two Sides Principles and files a fully and accurately completed application form with the Two Sides Secretariat is eligible to become a Representative Body Member of Two Sides.

Partner Member

Organisations that have specific skills and expertise, who subscribe to the aims and objectives of Two Sides, and who commit to playing an active part in assisting Two Sides in its endeavours are eligible to become a Partner Member of Two Sides.

The category of Partner Member is currently filled and comprises key organisations who have offered their services to help establish the Two Sides organisation.

How much does it cost to become a member?

A key principle of Two Sides is to be inclusive, encouraging organisations of all sizes to contribute to the overall aim of promoting responsible environmental practices throughout the Graphic Communications Supply Chain. To achieve this, annual membership fees for Organisations trading for commercial reasons in Print and Paper are calculated as a percentage of their annual Relevant Turnover in the UK.

Relevant turnover is defined as the total turnover derived from those parts of the business entity that are directly involved in the Graphic Communications Supply Chain.

Entity Type Annual membership (% relevant turnover)
Commercial Members 0.0035% (£35 per million)
Representative Body Members By agreement
Partners Members No Charge

Two Sides recognises that applicants may have wider commercial interests which are outside of the Graphic Communications Supply Chain. In these circumstances, applicants will be asked to declare their turnover arising from Print and Paper activities and raise a subscription on relevant turnover according to the formula above.


  •     All print and paper activity must be declared
  •     Turnover derived from non print and paper products may be excluded
  •     The membership year starts on 1st January. Membership fees for members joining partway through a membership  year will need to reflect a whole year's membership
  •     There will be a minimum fee of £500 for all members except for printers where there will be a minimum fee of £150
  •     Two Sides reserves the right to challenge and/or request additional information about an applicant's declared relevant turnover figure, in order to ensure consistency of fee payments across the Two Sides Membership
  •     Discretionary supplementary financial contributions to Two Sides are also welcome
  •     Subscription rates may vary from time to time and will be decided by the Board


Joining Two Sides
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Joining Twosides