Exploring Existing Measures of Environmental Impacts of Print A Survey of Existing Practices

Submitted by: Martyn Eustace 03/05/2011

Current State of Adoption of Sustainability Practices From the analysis of this US survey data, it is clear that there is a large amount of activity within the printing industry in regards to sustainable practices. However, it is also equally clear that much work remains to be done. An unexpectedly large fraction of respondents did not have a sustainability policy in place 27. Of the companies with policies, almost all addressed environmental areas, while the majority addressed economic and social areas. However, the degree to which each of these areas was individually documented varied widely. This suggests that there is a need for a more consistent use and interpretation of the term sustainability within the industry By Eni Gambeta Graduate Student E. Philip Saunders, College of Business Marcos Esterman, Ph.D.Assistant Professor Kate Gleason, College of EngineeringSandra Rothenberg, Ph.D. Associate Professor E. Philip Saunders, College of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology. A Research Monograph of the Printing Industry Center at RIT No. PICRM-2011-06