How often can paper fibres be recycled?

Submitted by: Ged Leigh Answered by: 07/03/2011


How often can a fibre be recycled? and how do you count the number of times it has been recycled? Newspapers are continuously recycled time after time. In Europe almost all Newsprint is recycled - can we just keep recycling or do we need virgin fibre added at some point?


it is said that paper fibres can be reused up to 6 or 7 times but that is really difficult to prove. Paper fibres deteriorate after a time as they are increasingly degraded in the recycling process. In the worldwide paper process, new, virgin, fibre is always needed to keep the cycle going and in the pulp mix the percentage of new fibre averages about 40% of the total. So we need new trees to keep the fibre cycle going.

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