Keep Me Posted Campaign


Two Sides Supports the Keep Me Posted Campaign which is a partnership of representatives from charities, interest groups and business. We've come together as we believe that we have a responsibility to fight for the consumer's right to choose.

We believe that it is every consumer's right to choose, without disadvantage, how they are contacted by banks and other financial service companies, utility companies, media companies and other service providers. Independent research demonstrates that 81% of UK adults want to choose how they receive important information such as bills and statements. Increasingly businesses are restricting access to paper bills and statements and denying their customers an informed choice.  

This issue affects everyone, and particularly the vulnerable in our society. Independent research reveals that the people who often have the greatest need for paper statements and bills are the older generation, those that are disabled, and those that lack access to the internet or lack basis digital skills. We are campaigning for everyone's voice to be heard in this debate.'