Moleskine notebook links to digital media

Submitted by: Martyn Eustace 27/09/2014

Going digital doesn't mean losing paper!

Moleskine notebook gives you feel of paper, technology of tablet

While tapping notes on a digital screen may increasingly become the norm, there’s no shortage of people who prefer the feel of pen to paper when inspiration strikes. Moleskine and Livescribe may have combined the best of both worlds with a paper notebook-smartpen combo that also acts like a tablet. When users jot something down on the Livescribe Notebook with their Livescribe 3 pen, those scribbles and doodles will automatically appear on a tablet screen thanks to the pen’s cameras tracking the writer’s hand movement and the Bluetooth connected to the iOS device. The technology goes a step further by allowing users to record audio, along with backing written notes to an app. Turning your paper notebook into a virtual tablet will set you back US$30 for the notebook and $150 for the smartpen.

Source: Moleskine news