Paper make-up, the ultimate beauty note!


Is it a book, is it a blotter is it a post-it? Actually it's a foundation, blusher or highlighter papier say Mia Cosmetics

We love a gimmick in beauty - even if we know it's just that, a gimmick (anyone still using their vibrating mascara by the way?). But as someone who doesn't leave home without a blotting paper (the best by the way, are by MAC Cosmetics and Paul & Joe) the new papiers from Mai Couture might just stick.

Mai Couture's papier booklets go on sale at BeautyMart this week - the beauty boutique with a cherry-picking of global products sourced by founders Millie Kendall and ex-Vogue beauty editor Anna-Marie Solowi - describing themselves as foundation, highlighter and blush papiers.

They look like blotting papers (same size, same weight, same texture) but each feather-light sheet is infused with colour for base, lips, cheeks and eyes, which actually goes on not just easily (just press, sweep and blend with fingers) but also to good effect.

However what we love most about these papiers is that for make-up in transit they instantly remove the need for extra cosmetic bags in your, erm bag; they won't spill or smash and the fact they just made the powder brush redundant (how often do you clean the ones lurking in your handbag out of interest?).
Not sure about you, but this summer we're going to get a flush blush, ace base and glow-on-the-go Mai way.

Watch the video here.

Source: Fashion Telegraph