Printed books remain the favourite way to read, despite e-reader growth; new US study reveals

Submitted by: Vince Collins 27/08/2014

Most American adults read a print book in the past year, even as e-reading continues to grow

Most adults read a book in the past year; print remains most popular, but e-reading is on the riseThe proportion of Americans who read e-books is growing, but few have completely replaced print books for electronic versions.

The percentage of adults who read an e-book in the past year has risen to 28%, up from 23% at the end of 2012. At the same time, about seven in ten Americans reported reading a book in print, up four percentage points after a slight dip in 2012, and 14% of adults listened to an audiobook.

Though e-books are rising in popularity, print remains the foundation of Americans’ reading habits. Most people who read e-books also read print books, and just 4% of readers are “e-book only.” Audiobook listeners have the most diverse reading habits overall, while fewer print readers consume books in other formats.

Overall, 76% of adults read a book in some format over the previous 12 months. The typical American adult read or listened to 5 books in the past year, and the average for all adults was 12 books.1 Neither the mean nor median number of books read has changed significantly over the past few years.

Source: This article, written by Kathryn Zickuhr and Lee Rainie, originally appeared on the Pew Research Internet Project website. Read the full story there.