Can consumers trust forest certification?

Answered by: 23/06/2010


The forest industry should not issue ambiguous messages. When they promote the use of FSC/PEFC automatic they send a negative message to the general public, because it appears that all remaining fibers are not completely sustainable. We know that all the European forests are well managed, therefore we should use only one language, saying that the European product is OK, although certification involves only a part of the total output. On the contrary today many people have the wrong information that the only sustainable fiber is FSC or PEFC. And the rest?


Thanks for this. Actually, I quite agree. The problem with badges is that they do create divisions and may create a general distrust of the whole product - 'if you don't buy my badge, you are running a risk'. Nevertheless, certification schemes like PEFC and FSC have focussed attention on sustainable forestry and created customer confidence and we can be proud of our European record. It is Two Sides' ambition to ensure that public perception now sees print media as a natural product that can be used with complete confidence.

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