Two Sides and Print Power UK 2015 - A Year of Progress

Submitted by: The Two Sides Team 23/12/2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it's time to look back at some of the great things that have been achieved this year. We've had a really busy and successful year and we couldn’t have done it without the ongoing support from our members, partners and everyone else who follows the campaigns. 

In the spring of this year, Print Power launched a brand new website, showcasing the latest trends in Print Media. Hundreds of case studies, inspiration items and the latest news, all of which promote print as a powerful and effective medium in today’s digital world. 

Issue 9 of the Print Power Magazine was released in April. 61,000 copies of the magazine, printed in 10 languages and delivered to media agency and marketing professionals in 11 European countries. This edition featured the hugely popular strawberry cover, which burst with fragrance once rubbed. The post-magazine survey found that nearly 50% of the readers considered using more print media in their next campaign as a result of reading the magazine. 

Also in April, the new No Wonder You Love Paper campaign was launched. Adverts, appearing in UK national newspapers, magazines and online, are offering 30 people the chance to visit a European paper mill to learn about sustainable forestry and paper-making. The campaign has been massively popular, with over 3,000 people entering so far. The competition finishes 31st January 2016, so if you haven’t already, there’s still time to enter

In the summer, Two Sides UK and our partners, Two Sides North America, carried out surveys into consumer preferences for print and paper. There was an overwhelming dedication to print when it came to reading, receiving bills and attention paid to advertisements - to name a few. We plan to carry out more research in 2016 and look forward to sharing the results. 

Issue 10 of the Print Power Magazine was published in October. This edition focused on why major digital brands are still spending millions on print media, a testament to how powerful and effective this medium can be. Issue 11 is published in Spring 2016 so don’t forget to subscribe to receive your free copy. 

November saw the Power of Print seminar hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Stationers’ Hall, London. 10 industry experts shared their knowledge and provided an eclectic and passionate analysis of our industry today. Comprehensive, first-hand experience was delivered from brand marketing experts and media and marketing specialists, on how print is still relevant and a unique, powerful and effective channel of communication. 

And finally, our most recent ‘Anti-Greenwash’ campaign success. Two Sides investigated 377 organisations around the world, and found 240 of those to be using misleading claims about print and paper. 168 of the 240 offending companies have since removed these statements as a direct result of intervention by Two Sides. We have an ongoing dialogue with the remaining companies and we will continue applying pressure until these unfounded messages are removed. 

So that brings us up to date. We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2016 and we look forward to your continuing support. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member, please contact us. 

Have a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 

The Two Sides and Print Power team