WWF launches The Forest Campaign

Submitted by: Greg Selfe 20/11/2014

WWF has launched its Forest Campaign- Seeking to cut out the trade in illegal and unsustainable timber.

The Forest Campaign aims to make responsible forest trade the norm- something Two Sides feels passionately about. Working alongside UK and European businesses, WWF hope to influence the UK and EU government in order to level the playing field for businesses that are supportive of responsible forest trade.

Businesses that join the Forest Campaign will have to pledge;

  1. Buy timber and timber products from sustainable sources by 2020, and make your performance public.
  2. Support the call for the EU to close the loopholes in the current EU Timber Regulation so that all timber and timber products must be from legal sources.
  3. Support the call for the UK government and the EU to complete the transition to a market in sustainable timber and timber products by 2020.

The Forest Campaign has already won the support of some of Britain's biggest companies including B&Q, Morrisons, Travis Perkins, Boots, M&S and many more.

For more information about the WWF Forest Campaign and details of how to join, click here.



Source: WWF