Lecta Group


Lecta is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of specialty paper for labels and flexible packaging, coated paper for publishing and commercial printing, and other high value-added print media. With 7 mills, some 3300 employees and merchanting operations in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Lecta is one of the foremost suppliers of paper solutions worldwide.


The group's origins date back to the acquisition of three companies - Cartiere del Garda in Italy (1997), Condat in France (1998), and Torraspapel in Spain (1999). Lecta is a private company controlled by CVC Capital Partners, a leading European private equity investor. Since its creation, the group has made a number of strategic acquisitions, including that of the Italian distributor Polyedra, thereby strengthening Lecta's leadership position in Southern Europe.

Market Focus

Lecta is recognized as a reliable, flexible and customer-focused supplier. Our strategy consists in close contact with our customers, allowing for optimal market knowledge to provide them with the best service possible. Lecta has its own merchants and sales offices in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Eastern Europe, the United States, Morocco, and Mexico, with products sold in over 100 countries worldwide

Environmental Credentials

Lecta demonstrates its commitment to caring for the environment through numerous initiatives that include reducing emissions, chain-of-custody and environmental management certification, reducing energy consumption, environmental training for its employees, and maximizing environmental communication and awareness. The company also supports a number of initiatives promoting the effectiveness of print and paper at the European and international level including the Print Power campaign, as well as having pledged its support to Two Sides. For complete details on Lecta’s commitment to sustainability, please visit www.lecta.com

Contact Details

Lecta Headquarters Llull 331 - 08019 Barcelona - Spain Tel +34 93 482 1000 Fax +34 93 482 1170. www.lecta.com For environmental inquiries: environment@lecta.com For general inquiries: mkt@lecta.com