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Here are some of the most recent Q & A's

[{Question}]: Paper may be recyclable safely what about ink in newsprint3

Dear Ray,This is a subject of some debate. Ink in newspapers is quite safe but, in a world where newsprint is recycled, about 85% I believe, there is always a discussion on the suitability of old newsprint for the production of food wrapping. The industry...
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[{Question}]: What are the main envelope/paper producers in the UK?

What are the main envelopes or papers producers in and their market share in the UK? What is the demand trend about the envelope market in the UK nowadays?
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[{Question}]: Why dont we just stick to paper labels?

Many bottled water users have switched to poly labels for the clear look. Given the recycling pressure theyre under why not switch back to paper labels which are more easily recycled There even exist very transparent papers to simulate the clear look. ...
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[{Question}]: Are you aware of companies that are greenwashing?

Hi, have you seen that website Paper-Less Alliance Widget http//www.papercut.com/products/ng/manual/ch-user-services-gadgets.html just for your info.Kind regards Burgo Group soa
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[{Question}]: Is Print Better Than Digitial?

Hello Twosides, Im doing a dissertation on is printing regarded good from a graphic design perspective. Im trying to way up the facts for print over digital and would like to add your point of view to why you regard print to be sustainable over digital me...
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[{Question}]: What is the difference between paper and board?

how do know differences between paper or board which grade 1 or 3 3
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[{Question}]: Where do I find printing technology courses to study?

Hi Im student I want to study paper printing technology media diploma on line or abroad. San you advice me which collage and where can I get it? kindest regards
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[{Question}]: How do we know if a printer is environmentally friendly?

Hi Twosides... Has anyone ever done a cost comparison of Dot Matrix continuous stationery printing versus Ink Jet and/or Laser printingIt would seem to me that the clunky old printer sitting in the corner which you chuck a 5.00 ribbon at every year or so ...
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[{Question}]: Interested in advertising in the August issue of Irish Printer ?

We are finalising our August issue of the Irish Printer magazine and included in this issue is a Fespa report for all the printers who where unable to attend. I noticed an ad for Two Sides and I think this is fantastic. Is the Irish market of interest to ...
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[{Question}]: Has Google responded to your letter addressing their incorrect claims about paper?

Hi, A few weeks ago you sent a letter to Google regarding their Go Paperless campaign. We have promoted this within our company and to our followers on Twitter. If possible, wed like to also promote Googles response to the letter. Have you already receive...
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[{Question}]: How do we become a representative body member?

Hi, Im on the executive of the Irish Printing Federation and Im enquiring about the cost of representative body membership. Can you give me a guide on how this is calculated? Tom
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[{Question}]: Can Two Sides be represented at the EU Ecolabel seminar?

I am part of an EU Ecolabel project re printed paper and am in the process of organising a workshop in the UK. The workshop will cover the EU Ecolabel printed paper criteria and the application process.I would like to ask you if you will be interested in ...
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